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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Resources to get wine educated

We bloggers are an extraordinarily snobby bunch of wanna-be's. When we're all hanging out with each other (hint: we don't hang out with each other because we also have so much disdain for bloggers that we can't stand to be in the same room with them for more than 10 minutes, this hatred runs so deep that it usually ends in suicide once we figure out that we are, ourselves, bloggers) we make fun of the uninitiated by ordering drinks from TGI Friday's like an Aviation or walking around pronouncing the "t" in "Cabernet" and "Merlot."

Well, now it's your turn to make us look like idiots (hint: that's not very hard). Mashable has created a list of 30+ resources that you can use to become every bit as good as a wine snob as the guy at work who boasts of his cellar containing a full case of 2006 Rabbit Ridge. Maybe even moreso.

All About Wine