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Let's pretend for a second that you don't know every little thing about cocktails and how to make every drink in the Bartender's Handbook (including the shown Fogcutter). Now, let's take a HUGE leap in to this imaginary world and say that you're out on a date at your favorite "date spot," TGI Fridays.

Maybe ordering a beer just isn't what you want to do on this night out and if you have to hold another pink drink while carefully sipping and making sure the fancy toothpick doesn't go up your nose you'll walk in to a biker bar and yell "I love Clay Aiken" just because you know you deserve to get beat up.

You decide you want to order something unique and different and probably something the bartender who's only real skill is the ability to blend the Choco-Banana 'Tini. Conversation ensues (and is taken from real experience):

"I want an Aviation."

"Um. How do you make that?"

"With Gin."

"Oh, you want a martini?"

"No, I want an Aviation."

"Okay! Here's a martini!"


There are two ways for you to solve this problem that allows you to look like a genius and without giving in to the urge of just ordering something with an umbrella in it.

The Webtender has a killer drink search option that is mobile enabled, so even on slower web phones, it comes up in seconds. Point your mobile browser to and you'll get a drink search option that will give you the ingredients and how to make it. Don't know what you want to drink? Then their Random Drink option (beware!) and the top 10 drinks.

Need something sneakier? Don't have web access on your phone? Then just text "tipsy" and a drink to 41411, e.g. "Tipsy Aviation". You'll get a response with the ingredients and the way to make it.

Martini Groove: Making it easier to get drunk since 1913


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