Wine Spectator adds new features for collectors

Wine Spectator has seen wine sites launch that help people manage their cellars better and decided to do something about it. They've recently launched a full service site that allows members to track the value of their wine collections and organize their bottles in a personal database, while using Wine Spectator’s databases of ratings, tasting notes and prices with full customization.

Not only does their site allow you to keep the info on your personal collection but it also shows you just how much that bottle of Smoking Loon Chardonnay is worth (not much) vs. the 1986 Cain V (a bit more) by pulling the prices from it's auction database. It also allows you to create multiple lists, show the Wine Spectator rating, and create labels with all the info for your bottles or cases.

If you love wine like I do, then you're probably typing this blog entry after having a bottle of Cab that your girlfriend told you not to open until 2010. If you love it enough to actually track it and sort it by "drink now" or "drink later" then the new features at Wine Spectator will help you a lot.

You need to be a member of their fancy-pants site but, luckily, it only costs US$49.95 a year (online only) or US$7.95 a month. A small price to pay for obsessively tracking your wine purchases.

Take a tour of the new features


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