Buy Your Friend a Belvedere

Belvedere Vodka has partnered with to get you to buy your friend a Belvedere.

The site works pretty simply, just pay for the drink on their site, your pal gets an e-mail or text that has a redemption code on it, then they can go to a participating bar and redeem their drink coupon. You also have an option to send them a reusable drink card so that others can buy them drinks too.

Participating bars are mostly in NY but there are a smattering of others throughout the country so you can be part of the fun if you live in, say, Biloxi, MS.

The card has no set value, so you can give what you want, though there's a 99 cent transaction fee for doing the dirty work.

Now you can buy that girl a drink and go home alone, just as if it was any other night, but without all of the actual embarrassment of getting rejected.

Buy Your Friend A Belvedere


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