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Monday, March 03, 2008

Chassis the beer dispensing bot

These fancy ro-bots just might be the wave of the future! In my day we didn't have any namby-pamby mechanized automaton running around giving us things like beer from it's pressurized pony keg. No sir! We had to get a can of Coors from a store that also sold various porn magazines and then we had to pull-off the top of the can to get to what's inside, none of those "flip-tabs" for us! You could always recognize us because most of us were missing the first part of a digit!

This ro-bot has a remote control and a headset so that someone can be far away from it and offer comments through the speaker system that's built in. Clever comments such as "Did you dress in the dark today?" or "No, I didn't give you that rash."

The nice thing about a ro-bot bartender is that if it spills your beer you could punch him in the neck and not feel too bad about it.

Chassis the automaton ro-bot that is the beginning of Skynet/Matrix.