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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Christiana Vodka Review

Okay, just to let you know, I'm writing this review of Christiana Vodka after drinking *a lot* of Christiana Vodka. Yes, it's that good.

Let's not pretend like we're Robert Parker and have a lot of snobby things to say about something that we probably made up in some sort of acid-induced trip while at Burning Man. Seriously, I think he keeps a journal of words to use so when inspiration strikes, he can write it down.

The Bottle
The bottle is some sort of anomaly. Yes, it's only 750ml, but it seems taller, wider. It holds more. I imagine they use some sort of space-time bottle manipulator. I dunno. I do know that I have it in my large collection of alcohol's that would rival most TGI Friday's and that it stands taller.

Do you like how I keep railing on TGI Friday's? It's my new running gag.

The Smell
It smells like vodka.

The Taste
Christiana is produced from potatoes. In my opinion, this is something that not enough vodkas are doing. It makes for some deeeee-licious flavors. This also makes it gluten-free, which means that those really sensitive people can have it.

I swirled it around and it the stuff practically blows up with color. Like a diamond. I love the way it looks and it made me want to suck it down with a straw.

Christiana bills itself as "The World's Smoothest Vodka" and I'm inclined to agree. The vodka has a slightly sweet taste and it blows you away. It's like having a glass of very, very good tasting water. No burn, no cough, and none of that "chaser" crap that you wish you had with a lot of vodkas.

This stuff is liquid silk. It makes you sad that your drink is over as you swallow it down. I tried it with an olive and that just felt wrong, so I tried my next glass with a twist and it added so nicely to the delicacy that I added a twist to the glass after that. And the next one.

Most "super-premium" vodkas make me feel ripped off. This one is worth every penny and will make almost anyone a believer in vodka. The flavors are delicate for the connousieur but easy and light for someone who's switching to martini's as their palate develops. Keep this stuff in your bar, save it for the people you like.

Christiana Vodka