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Saturday, March 08, 2008

eWine match lets you text message for recommendations

It's kind of hard to look like a food-wine pairing pro when you're out on the town and ordering a Big Mac. Unless you thought to look it up before you left, your date will just give you a blank look when she asks you, "What wine goes with a Value Meal?"

eWine match has solved the problem by allowing you to text the food you're having to 411511 and it will respond quickly with a few wines from different varietals that go well with the food. This is no "Red meat and red wine" service. If you put in "cheeseburger" you'll get results that include Cabs, but also Shiraz and Chardonnay.

Try it for yourself. Sure, standard text messaging rates apply, but it beats the hell out of you giving all of your money to your phone provider because you're still trying to text your vote in for Chris Daughtry from last year.

eWine match