Green Moon Vodka

Now, I'm not convinced that Absinthe tastes so amazingly great that I want stuff that's flavored that way, but it seems there is a new way to ease in to the licorice flavored stuff. I've found the best way to get in to Absinthe is to have some drinks that have just a bit in it, some drinks even put the Absinthe in the glass then throw it out to just get the film in the glass and a hint of the anise flavor.

Green Moon Vodka is taking another route with it. They're mixing their own Absinthe with their own vodka, coming up with a vodka that's basically like the flavored vodkas, but Absinthe flavored. Their French wheat/barley/hops vodka is distilled five times then filtered three times to make a crisp vodka. They then combine it with their own Absinthe (also from France) and age it for 9 months to create a flavored vodka that makes you feel like you're sucking on a licorice stick.

Green Moon Vodka
- US$29.99


Unknown said…
I have become a great fan of Green Moon and with its strong anise flavor, it is accompanied by a strong mint taste along with a slightly citrus after taste. Enjoy! :-D

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