"Revelation" is the world's most expensive gin bottle

Now that gin is back to being a respectable player on the top shelf of a lot of bars, it was only a matter of time before someone came out with a bottle of the Juniper Love that was just entirely too expensive.

Bombay Sapphire got together with fine crystal creator Baccarat, Garrard, the world's oldest jewellery house, and designer Karim Rashid. Each of the five bottles retails for US$200,000 with profits going to charity.

Each bottle is topped with a unique jewel-encrusted stopper made with sapphire gems, including a center sapphire. The trademark blue bottle is going to be sold in 5 different airports starting with London Heathrow then moving on to Singapore, New York, Dubai, and Sydney.

Profits go to The Smile Train which provides cleft surgery for kids in need. If you have an extra US$200,000 to spend on a bottle, that right there is a worthy cause.

Bombay Sapphire


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