TY KU Launches

TY KU is a sake liqueur that has more than 20 ingredients in total and some of them claim to be aphrodisiacs, health supplements, and fruit extracts. It's also made with Shochu and about 18 other things. The product came about as a project of two students at Columbia University though the product itself is made in Japan.

What's in it? It's the V8 of the liqueur world. The blend of 20 plus ingredients used to flavor TY KU include some power-packed names among the health conscious: pomegranate (antioxidant), Asian pear (hangover remedy), honeydew, yuzu (twice Vitamin C of oranges), plum (Vitamin C), fuji apple (lowers LDL, increases HDL), white cranberry (antioxidant) and oolong and green teas (antioxidants). The spirit is sweetened with elderflower syrup which reduces the sugar factor common among liqueurs and the effects of the aphrodisiacs ginseng, damiana and dragon's eye are thrown in as an added little bonus.

What's the other gimmick? Oh yeah, the bottle freaking lights up when you pick it up thanks to an LED inside of it. Can you imagine doing that when you're drunk? Hours of entertainment.

It's been around in specialty bars for a few years but is now working on mass distribution. Look for it in New York right now and all over soon.

TY KU Liqueur


Anonymous said…
V8 of the liquor world - I like that! But seriously, I've made TY KU my go to drink since it is really way better for you than most of the other super sugary cocktails I used to drink. I recommend TY KU and soda water, or even just on the rocks.

Great review :)
Anonymous said…
do you know where other than NY this is available? i'm so intrigued...
Unknown said…
I just saw it and tried it here at a club in CA, so it's definitely here. I don't know where else.
Anonymous said…
The Light on the bottle is so frickin' cool!
Anonymous said…
I've seen it in Vegas while visiting there and was in Atlanta on business and ordered it. Seems like it's catching on in the rest of the country.

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