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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ministry of Sound Vodka

The Ministry of Sound has been kicking ass with music that gets inside your head and kicks your head's ass for years. From Frankie Knuckles in London to just about everybody in Ibiza they have showcased more of music's best acts than any other club in the entire world, without exception.

They now have launched their own vodka to serve in their clubs and it comes in a slightly-smaller-than-average 70cl bottle that has slightly-less-than-average 38% alcohol in it. The bottle comes with their ultra-cool logo on it and has a label with a code that allows you to access exclusive music and other downloads on their site, you can even upload content of your own.

To get some, you'll have to hit up the ultra-hip London hotspot for the near-term and a small UK chain later on.

Be careful of the site, if you say you're too old, you won't get in unless you can prove that you have your finger on the pulse of the music world.

Ministry of Sound Vodka


Deidre said...

I noticed that too, that frustrated me so much I decided not to cover it, I understand the "cool" factor but I found it insulting. Perhaps I'm too sensitive about my age :)

Stagnant Artist said...

ohhh i passed! but the site is annoying. it tells me nothing about the vodka or anything.