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Monday, April 07, 2008


Okay, you know that booze news is slow when I'm doing a freakin' roundup on the freakin' blog.

Before I get in to my content which may or may not be interesting, let me link you to something that is almost definitely interesting. Neyah White is a *real* bartender at a *real* bar that is extremely popular. Not one of those people who just sits around making up drinks for people's signature cocktail at their wedding. He's blogging and, much like his great drinks, it also doesn't suck. Read his blog here:

Eh, fuck the content. Go read his stuff. It's better than the ridiculous hooplah about Absolut pissing people off that can't seem to take a joke or Canadian Whisky that can't use "Glen" in it's name, or Svedka's mascot running for president. Or read about Danny Devito's Limoncello and the product that makes his rum, vodka, and gin.

Crap, I did the roundup anyway.