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Monday, May 26, 2008

Chinggis Khaan Vodka - Release the Hordes!

Whenever I've ordered a drink at the bar I've always wanted to be able to say something that was memorable but would also handle the job of getting my drink ordered.

Now, I can channel my best James T. Kirk, clench my hands, look up to the sky and shout "KHAAAAAAAAAN!" then quietly add "Up, with a twist."

Chinggis Khan Vodka (Us bona fide foreigners spell it "Genghis") comes from the largest spirits producer in Mongolia. Now, I don't know a whole lot about Mongolia, but I did see Raiders of the Lost Ark and according to that flick, Mongolians can get some drinkin' done.

There's not a whole lot of details about how it's made or when it's going to launch but I'm pretty sure that I'll be ordering it, especially on those nights out that I want to raize a village with my galloping hordes.

via Dowd's Spirit Notebook