Cork recycle

I'm a huge fan of corks made from cork. Not only is cork sustainable, it also makes up for a large forest that would have been mowed down a long time ago had it not been for the fact that it can make more money as a forest than a master-planned community.

Now, instead of making a coffee table out of the little plugs, thus professing to the world your ability to drink yourself under the table every night, you can recycle the corks so that they can be broken down and used for useful things. tables.

ReCork America is a program that is sponsored by a cork producer in Portugal that allows restaurants and the like to put a piece of their overpriced wine selections in to the recycle loop. The program has people picking up corks and taking them to collection centers. San Francisco is the model city for it right now but they're planning on bringing more cities online as time moves on.

via Luxist


Anonymous said…
Sorry, but real corks are no good. They can rot and/or disintegrate, leaving precious liquor ruined.
Rick Dobbs said…
Sorry, but there's no proof that plastic corks have any better luck at avoiding cork taint in wine.

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