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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Go Vodka - Vodka in a tube

This vodka is in a tube.

I know I could probably just end it right there and the post will make the rounds on Technorati and other such meme-layers, but I'm not going to do that. I don't work that way.

Plus, this tube reminds me of VO5. Which could actually be their marketing strategy. They just want me to tell two friends, and they'll two friends, and they'll two friends, and so on and so on.

Though I'm strongly considering writing my state legislature to create a bill that forces anyone that uses "Extreme" as a marketing term to cut their own tongue out, I'm going to let it slide for the Go Tubes because, hey, it's stuff in a tube. That means that after some sort of nuclear winter, we'll be able to still have vodka.

They actually don't call it "vodka" because it's not. They call it "Wodka" because it's only got 10.5% alcohol in it (as opposed to vodka's 40%), though it does come in a wide variety of EXTREME flavors, including energy, cranberry, lemon, and wait for it....waaaait for it...EGG NOG! I have no desire to see what Egg Nog Wodka looks like coming out of a tube. Please do not insert in to your medicine cabinet where it can be easily confused for the anti-itch cream that you have for that rash "down there."

The company that makes the stuff is based in Austria, which is a country that I haven't thought a lot about until now. I will now go back to not thinking about it.

Go Wodka