Lodi Zinfest Tickets Up For Grabs!

The Lodi Zinfest is coming!  

Lodi Zinfest is one of the most fun wine events in existence.  It doesn't just focus on great quality wines but it also focuses on approachable events and having a lot of fun.  This one is for the wine lovers, not the wine writers who want to tell the wine lovers that they shouldn't be there and that it's only for ridiculously, ridiculously good looking people.

The event is May 16-18 and I have two general admission tickets that I want to give to you.  


All you have to do is e-mail a story about who you're going to take and why THE PERSON YOU'RE GOING TO TAKE DESERVES TO GO.  I don't care why you want them, I want to see some selfless love going here.  

E-mail entries to rick@martinigroove.com and put the subject "Zinfest!"  Deadline is Tuesday, May 13.  I will then FedEx the tickets ot the winning story.  

Good luck!


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