Mekhong from Thailand comes to the US

Now you're probably trying to forget your last visit to Thailand mostly due to the fact that you're not really sure where that 300,000 Baht went once you started drinking those Sabai Sabai's.

Thailand has come to you in order to dredge up those memories of coked up Russian Roulette in noisy bars and rain that lasts for 6 months in the form of Mekhong, the Spirit of Thailand.

Mekhong is a blended and distilled drink made from sugar cane and rice with some Thai herbs thrown in to the mix. The idea is that the drink compliments Thai food and helps balance the spiciness.

The spirit is made with a bit of the spiritualism that envelops Thailand in mind. It's distilled and fermented and then goes in to several traditional and symbolic stages related to the five natural elements: earth, water, air/wind, fire and aether (the mythical upper air that encompasses

Mekhong - The Spirit of Thailand


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