PartyBluPrints helps you plan your kegger

Let's face it, the last party you threw had the same attendance as a Titanic Reunion Party (too soon?) even though you invited enough people to secure a Democratic Presidential nomination. Hey, not everyone can throw parties that barrel dangerously out of control so that the only way you can even recognize your own house is through the dental records of your cat, wherever HE is.

PartyBluPrints (when they registered the domain they forgot the "e" but just said, "fuck it, we're party planners, not gud spellurs") helps you plan the whole thing, one might even say "from soup to nuts." The very second you have an idea for throwing that "My Mother the Car" DVD marathon party you can head over to their site and they'll give you everything you need for you to plan your party perfectly. From invitations, to the menu, to making sure that you don't play your Polka CD's all night.

They have party plans for things like Guys Football Party to Cocktail Dessert Parties and they price ranges from US$10 to $30, a small price to pay to keep things together and moving in the right direction.

They even have some free music on the site itself, though that won't keep you from getting so bombed that you won't even be able to answer the door. You're on your own for that one.



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