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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sex in the City Skyy promotion

I've never been much of a Sex in the City fan. The few times I actually sat down to watch it I could never bring myself to be as confused as the girls in the show as to why they were single or in extremely odd relationships, no one was very likeable to me. I actually disliked this show so much that I stopped drinking Cosmopolitans.

However, I do understand the fact that it's wildly popular and the upcoming movie is so anticipated by the crowd that religiously watched it as the comic book movies are to a nerd like myself.

Skyy Vodka is one of the sponsors of the flick and they are pushing their goods in every way imaginable. One of those ways are these promotional boxes that they're dishing out to bloggers and their ilk that is a glorious glass slipper filled with Skyy Vodka.

It's probably one of the better tie-ins to a movie that I can think of because a) the girls love Cosmo's and b) I'd have to drink the whole shoe to go see the movie.