Wine Slushes

As the heat of summer comes upon us we think of things like pool time and Slurpees so big that your entire brain goes running.

How about doing the safe thing and throwing in some alcohol so you can't *feel* the brain freeze?

Wine slushes are becoming all the rage (translated: the wine industry is trying to get you to use wine in more ways) and are pretty easy to make for those summer days when you want to chill down. They're basically a frozen Sangria, but we won't ruin Wine's marketing tactics.

"Rick, what's a recipe?" you ask. You're in luck:
1 bottle California or Australian Merlot
1 cup pomegranate juice (POM or another brand)
1 pint blackberries.
The site says your best bet is to put all of this in to an ice cream machine and let it get slushy, margarita-style. Lacking that, you can put it in the freezer and let it set up in there as the alcohol should stop it from going solid.

Now get out there and get you some slushee.

The Hot Trend of Cool Wine Slushes


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