Absinthe Mata Hari

Now that they figured out that all the junk about Absinthe making you cut your ear off and making you have a mistress was mostly because people were just really drunk and not hallucinating, it seems that everyone's trying to get their hands on Absinthe.

The problem is that the people that are making the good stuff, like St. George, aren't making enough of the good stuff. Companies are finally starting to get on the bandwagon and getting their Wormwood in to the US market.

Absinthe Mata Hari is the Austrian company that's working on national distribution of their all-natural Absinthe. The formula has been around since 1881 and it's loaded with Thujone and Absinthin. The nice thing about the natural ones is that they get the nice louche effect, so it becomes good and cloudy.

Mata Hari is launching in the Midwest first, including Texas, Louisiana, and Missouri up through Indiana. You should see it start selling for around US$40.

Mata Hari


Anonymous said…
There's a bit of serendipity regarding this brand that your readers might be interested in. We were in Vienna, Austria visiting another spirits client and doing a little sightseeing. Our host had a guidebook that had a listing for the Alt Wiener Schnapsmuseum. It sounded like fun so off we went. We discovered a fascinating artisanal distiller who made some really cool liqueurs and schnaps (they spell schnaps with only one "p" in Austria). And then he pulled out some Absinthe!
We had been asked by a distributor to help them find an authentic absinthe, and here we stumbled upon someone who's been making it for five continuous generations of the same family. (The building is the original from 1875 and had survived direct bomb hits by the Allies at the end of WWII.) So we stayed after the tour, met the proprieter Gerry Fischer, and ultimately helped bring the brand to the U.S.
Anyone who's interested in spirits and gets a chance to go to Vienna ought to put the Schnapsmuseum (one "p"!) on their list of must see sites. Gerry gives a great tour and you can sample everything he makes. And if you do go, tell him Steveski sent you.
Meghan McKee said…
that site needs to get rid of their song.... so bad! sounds like Falco's rock me amadeus....

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