DQ Vodka

What?  Dairy Queen came out with a vodka?  CAN I GET IT IN A BLIZZARD?

Well, DQ doesn't come from America's Heartland but from Sweden and is the first publicly owned vodka from Sweden since they gave up the government monopoly with Absolut and DQ is for Distilled Intelligence.  No, intelligence doesn't start with a Q, I just read the press releases.

 The vodka comes from wheat seeds that are planted in autumn, rather than spring, and allowed to mature before sprouting, thus removing biological impurities.  After multiple distillations and filtrations, it's then blended with a soft, clean water from Malmköping, which is protected by the government.

The truly unique thing about this vodka is that it's mixed at the end of its with some more of the raw spirit, adding to its complexity.

 DQ Vodka - US$65


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