Lower Alcohol Blood Level with Alcohol BG Killer

Alcohol BG Killer is a new drink on the US market (it's been in Europe for a few years now) that says that it can dramatically reduce your blood alcohol level and the amount of alcohol that is reported when you blow in to a Breathalyzer.

The drink says that it uses a unique blend of herbs and spices (just like Kentucky Fried Chicken) in order to increase your body's ability to eliminate the toxins from your body. Which means it may also be used after eating Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The press release is full of vague statements like "shows promise" and "could help" but says they have proof that it reduces your B.A.C. that is shown when you have to blow in to the Breathalyzer.

I'll agree that sometimes taking a cab is a pain in the ass but it's just not worth it and this drink isn't going to save you. Call a cab or your mom or whomever. You can call my mom, but she's really grumpy when she has to pick someone up late.

Alcohol BG Killer


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