No drunken tubing in London

In the heady days of London's tube-riding, that is to say, last month, you could ride around the tube, toting whatever alcoholic beverage you so desired. It was a renaissance in public transportation.

The law recently changed and, as of June 1, you can't bring your favorite libation in to the tunnels deep beneath London. The Underground is strictly dry and most of the people aren't happy about it.

In a protest just before the below-ground-prohibition took place, 50,000 people crammed in to The Underground to piss the night away in a drunken orgy of subway amusement. Check out the video below.

via Drink of the Week


Anonymous said…
Believe me, drunk students drinking cans of cheap lager and cider was no renaissance! Most people I know don't really care either way about the ban. If you can't cope not drinking for the 10 minutes you're on a tube train, then you have bigger issues to worry about!

Oh, and the "tube party" ended with massive delays on the tubes, drunken fights, staff being assaulted and 15 people arrested...

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