Review: Depaz Blue Cane Rhum

I have a ton of samples of various alcohols that I've tried, have notes on, but just haven't sat my ass down to write the review. Why? Because I'm drinking. However, Depaz Rhum has made it to the front of my list for being absolutely faaaaaabulous! (Two snaps).

Lemme 'splain: Most rums are made with molasses and sugarcane by-products while Depaz is an agricole. That is to say they harvest fresh sugarcane then ship it to the distillery where it's crushed in the mill and the sweet juices are collected, then distilled. Not only that, they use blue cane, one of the more expensive canes out there. If you had to make a selection just based on the descriptions there it would be a no brainer on which to select, but most people don't know this about their rum so go with the cheap stuff that assaults their senses.

Depaz Rhum (add the "h" for the traditional French spelling) is all class and is the equivalent of a great scotch, except it's rhum. Depaz holds a very high designation in Martinique rhum circles and the taste shines through every little sip.

The rhum comes across like walking through a field of sugar cane. Seriously, I'm not trying to do some sort of lame commercial that has a sweet couple frolicking in the sugar cane as some Caribbean guy smiles from afar. The smell is strong, grassy, and sweet and has a great natural smell that you want all of your food to taste or smell like.

Most rums, for me, have to get to the second taste. Almost every time I try one the first one is a burn, then on the second one I can get down to how it really tastes. This was no different with Depaz but the second flavor's warmth overtook the entire glass and made this the first rum that I did not have any problem finishing the glass, straight-up. A slight taste of banana was in the finish and a grassy flavor stayed with me all the way.

If you're making anything with rum that doesn't have a ton of fruit juices in it, then this is the goods. The rum tastes gorgeous and has a classic taste that people didn't even know they loved yet. If you want to make something ridiculous like a daiquiri, then don't waste your time with this, it's a silk purse out of a sow's ear scenario. If you want to make a real, tasty rum drink that's truly refreshing and has the complexity you'd never expect to find in a rum, Depaz Blue Cane Rhum is your choice.

Depaz Blue Cane Rhum


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