Review: Limonce Limoncello

Summer's here and it's already hot in my neck of the woods, so great drinks that cool you off are as good as gold in my house. Gold is also as good as gold in my house, which is why I built both of my kids out of pure gold.

When Limonce showed up on my doorstep I was pretty stoked because I'd heard a lot about all of the new limoncello's out but haven't had an opportunity to try any except the homemade ones that I get from friends. Plus, it looks like gold. I love goooooold!

Let's not really talk about the bottle because it's not like it's laced with gold flakes or is filtered with diamonds. It looks like a liqueur bottle.

The taste and stuff
After chilling the bottle really well, it didn't take me very long to think of it when I was looking to cool down. I poured myself a glass on the rocks. Mmmmm. Lemony goodness.

When I started drinking it my first instinct was that I was drinking frozen lemon concentrate that had thawed out. I didn't like it. My illustrious girlfriend informed me "that's what limoncello is supposed to taste like." Okay. I'm going about this wrong.

Take two
So, after going through the press materials I found a recipe for a drink that I thought I'd like. So, I went with this one.
The Mediterranee
1 oz Pineau Des Charentes (a fortified wine)
1/2 oz Limonce Limoncello
1 oz fresh Meyer lemon juice
Zest of a Meyer lemon
2 dashes of Regan's Orange Bitters
1 sage leaf
Ladies and gentleman, I may have just built the best drink of my life. The limoncello found it's perfect home providing flavor for the drink and I became it's biggest fan. The lime peel flavor that Limonce added and the hint of pepper held the flavors in the drink nicely. It gave a bit of an oily feel to the drink that made it go down smooth.

Limonce is a big-time recommend as it mixes well and has the great limoncello flavors that people love. Perfect for summer and perfect in your cocktails.

Limonce Limoncello


I haven't tried this Limonce, but generally speaking limoncello should taste good straight from the bottle when it's freezing cold. I'll try to find some and see if it's just bad limoncello. Check out my blog, we have common interests:

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