5150 Pure Mexican Tequila...from California

It seems that the rest of the world is doing a great job at what America used to do well.  Like manufacturing, free market economies, and the ability to discern between real entertainment and a bulemic pie eating contest.

Well, I say we take those jobs back that we lost to NAFTA!  Let's do something that some other country does better!  How about electronics!?  How about automobiles!?  How about Tequila??

I like your thinkin'.

Tequila 5150 comes straight to you from Hollister, CA.  No, not the clothing stores that smell like "Teen Spirit" and think that you're fat, but a town just outside of Gilroy, CA.  The owner of a popular winery in the area has planted 10 acres of Agave, the plant used for tequila.  Okay, everyone probably already knows that it's the plant used for tequila.

I'm sure lawsuits are on their way as, like Scotch or Champagne, only tequila made in the state of Jalisco in Mexico can actually be called "tequila" according to a 2006 trade agreement, though that's pretty disputed so maybe 5150 is planning on playing in the grey area.

5150 has already gotten the nod from the San Diego Spirits competition in the form of two gold medals and one silver.

No pricing or availability as of yet.

Tequila 5150


Neyah White said…
Are you sure that this release is the Amercian grown stuff? I was under the impression that this is a 'pre-release' of Mexican juice while the Leal agave matures. Pretty exciting either way, it has been a long time since there was any positive innovation in the tequila industry.
Neyah White said…
Oh yeah, And the bottles are cool too. They have grooves in the sides so they line up evenly to form the flag.
I 5150 pure Mexican Tequila I will soon have to check out!

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