Bartenders Only at

Are you training to be a bartender or just want to look like one? is the place for you!

Somehow, they were able to do a 500 word press release that helps you garner practically NO INFORMATION WHATSOVER!  Except to tell you that you can't use it.

The site will have a "variety of dynamic web 2.0 tools geared toward the professional bartender."  What are those tools?  I do not know.  Sounds like the perfect Web 2.0 business plan!  I'm sure it'll be wildly popular.

It's in beta release right now so you'll need an activation code to get in.  If you have one, send it to me and I'll go Woodward & Bernstein on their asses and let the world know what it's about.


Anonymous said…
As you would expect, their advice on "How can I deal with someone that is bothering me?" on their Help page was unhelpful and off-putting.

Though I might go ahead a submit a report on my brother-in-law.

What a weird site.
Anonymous said…
I've been able to wrestle an invite code from them. It seems like they're pretty much just giving them out. I'm not sure if it'll work multiple times or not, but give it a shot. XXT98

From what I've been able to tell they're still in beta, so they have yet to release the touted higher level web 2.0 functionality. There are however, a lot of quality bartenders that seem to be members. So it's worth getting involved for that reason alone.

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