Beer 4 Chicks

Beer 4 Chicks is a website that's not for the blonde bombshell in the beer commercial who gets on a strip pole at the mere mention of her favorite brand of beer.  No.  If that's you, stay away from this site.  Please, spend more time on my site.

Christina Perozzi, who is hot enough to be in a beer commercial, is a beer expert and is doing for beer what Courtney Cochrane is doing for wine.  She takes on the dumb myths, plans cool parties, and informs women that it's okay to be a beer drinker and not have to take your top off at Lake Havasu Spring Break.

The site has plenty of good info for everyone but is the beginning of a beer drinking community for women.  If you go to the site, look me up, my screen name is cougarhunter69.

Beer 4 Chicks


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