More Absinthe from Integrity Spirits and Pernod Ricard

Absinthe's new role as this year's vodka rolls on.  The crew behind Lovejoy Vodka and 12 Bridges Gin in Portland (you see the theme?) are sending off their latest addition to the spirits world, Trillium Absinthe. 

These guys have done a lights out job with their vodka and gin and I have no shortage of expectation for this absinthe, along the same lines as the stellar St. George.  It's small batch, all-natural (so they're earning their green glow).  Hopefully it does well with the bars because buying liquor in Portland is a pain in the ass.

Pernod Ricard is launching their absinthe that they sold back in the 1800's and stopped making in 1915.  They're reviving the recipe and pushing it out to a happy, happy world. 

Trillium Absinthe - No pricing announced

Pernod Absinthe - US$75 for 750ml


Anonymous said…
The price is $60. Its available at select stores this weekend.

Buy quick, I think it will be selling out.

Also of Note: For all those who don't like the overwhelming licorice taste of absinthe...the famed Lucy Brennen of Mint/820 has prepared some incredible fruity cocktails that use Trillium Absinthe.

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