Mustard Cocktails!

August 2 is National Mustard Day.  Strange, no one sent me a card.

In a marketing stroke of genius, Kraft has jumped on the cocktail bandwagon and come out with cocktails that take a dab of mustard, like the "Grapefruit-ade:"  A glass of grapefruit juice with a splash of sparkling rose wine and a dab of mustard (Grey Poupon, please). 

Okay, that's barely an alcoholic cocktail.  So, how about taking some tequila, beer, and tomato juice, then mixing it with a spoon of gourmet mustard.  Shake well then squeeze a bit of lime juice and garnish with a pickle spear.  You've just made a Tequila Maria!

Oh the drinks of mustard you'll make!  Check out more recipes at Grey Poupon's site.

Mustard Cocktails


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