New cocktail! Root Beer Float

I may have made up a cocktail on my very own.  Though I am delving in to the exclusive world of genius like Neyah White or Camper English I make no such pretense as to being in the same class as them.  Though I do have a much nicer ass than them.  Wait...What?


I found a use for the god awful Three Olives Root Beer vodka that the ladies really seem to like and the grocery stores are trying to sell it for US$7.95 a bottle.

Rootbeer Float

Some Cafe Boheme

Some Root Beer Vodka

Mix with ice in shaker and pour in to martini glass...or maybe a big plastic cup.  Whatever you got.  It might be nice if you garnished the glass with some chocolate shavings or syrup or something. 

Yeah!  I made a recipe!  Please send any financial residuals to me via PayPal. 

P.S. The Cafe Boheme is damned yummy so that makes up for some of the Root Beer Vodka.


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