Square One Cucumber Vodka

I have no idea why no one has come out with this earlier. Maybe it's because it's so damned easy to make your own cucumber-infused vodka. Here's how:
  1. Buy vodka
  2. Buy cucumbers
  3. Cut cucumbers up and remove seeds
  4. Put in vodka
  5. Wait 24 hours
  6. Cucumber Vodka!!
Well, Square One caught on to the fact that this is probably the #1 home-made infusion out there and decided to come out with their own and I, for one, welcome our new cucumber vodka overlords.

In keeping with Square One tradition, the vodka is organic, and made from rye. Honestly, you won't find a better flavor to make with your gimlets. The crisp, clean taste makes for the perfect summer cocktail without getting too heavy or feeling like you're drinking a bottle of gasoline.

I haven't had it yet, but I'm looking forward to someone sending me a free bottle of the stuff. Whoever you are. I love you already. I promise, I'll put it next to my Hendricks.

Square One Organic Cucumber Vodka


Anonymous said…
Ok, so I had the most amazing martini using this vodka at LuLu's at Mammoth mountain. It was this with muddled mint and 1/2 lime freshly squeezed. Wonderful.

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