Wine Cellar Management Software (And it's free!)

So, Alder over at Vinography is probably the best blogger you'll read that's focused on wine.  Alder not only works on Vinography but also works for an e-commerce/web site development company.  You might see where this is going.

There are a few cellar tracking points out there and I've pointed them out before.  Logabottle and Bottlenotes comes to mind and CellarTracker, with the latter being terribly user unfriendly.  Alder set out to solve this problem with VinCellar.

It's easier to quote Alder here:
The main purpose of this application is, of course, helping you do stuff with (or to) your wine collection -- from figuring out what you've got, where it is, how much it's worth, what you've bought, and what you want to drink, to what you probably should drink, what you should sell, and what you might not know about your wine consuming habits because you've never looked at the trends before.
Pique your interest?  Well, you can also rate your own wines, keep comments on the wines, and see the scores and notes that others put on the bottle.  Handy, huh?

Check out VinCellar and fall in love for the first, and last, time.  


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