Mutineer Magazine Launches (and rocks)

Take a bit of Maxim, add some A.D.D., throw in some comic book stylings, then get drunk. Now you know how they came up with Mutineer Magazine.

I was actually told this one about a week ago and I didn't get a chance to review it until now. This magazine is not for the Master Mixologist trying to create a drink by learning the techniques of Molecular Gastronomy. This one's for today's cocktail crowd that wants to learn a bit more, branch out a bit, and have a bit more fun.

With articles about "How to Order Drinks in a Restaurant" (and covering beer, wine, AND spirits), Oregon wineries, and drinking towns around the world, the articles stay interesting and diverse enough to keep the magazine around even after you've been through it once.

Want to check out the first issue? Here's a super-secret link.

Mutineer Magazine


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