Review: Oval Vodka

Hey!  How about them reviews!  There is so much booze sitting at my house right now that I could probably go through the rest of the year on nothing but alcohol reviews.

Tell me about it
Oval Vodka's key tag line tells us how their vodka is "structured" through an 11 day process.  The process doesn't just combine water and alcohol like traditional vodkas, but actually surrounds the alcohol with water, much like a group of Cougars surround the Sex and the City DVD release.

The process is supposed to create a smoother, easier to drink vodka with a better mouthfeel. No, I don't know if this is all true. Dammit Jim! I'm a blogger! Not a molecular biologist with a minor in fundamental chemistry!

The smell and taste
The best part of Oval Vodka is just how interesting it really is. Aside from your belief in the ability to surround an alcohol molecule with water molecules, Oval has got your attention. The smell fascinated me with it's sharp bite and it made me expect the same as I tasted it, much like a Russian vodka. There was even a bit of white chocolate smell in the initial whiff.

The polar opposite was true though. This stuff catches you off guard with the flavors and the smoothness. You go in expecting a burn and come away feeling quenched.

The flavors I got out of it were a bit of banana, cinnamon, and finished with pepper and fruit. It was nowhere near dry as expected but dry enough to make your mouth water from all the goodness. I tried it at room temperature and neat and was still very impressed with its complexities.


If you want to drink vodka in a martini or something where vodka is the main component, Oval is really the vodka for you. Though it mixes just as well as any other vodka, why would you want to do that? It stands alone as a real drink, not just another vodka that's telling us how smooth it is.

Oval Vodka


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