Wine Wipes help you not look like a vampire

There's nothing quite like going to a wine tasting with potential investors or a first date, sucking down loads of red wine and then dropping your pants and telling everyone that it's "Mr. Winky Time!"  Also, you might have stained teeth. 

Wine Wipes solves the latter problem with their orange blossom flavored wipes that you can use to wipe away wine stains from your teeth.  It's kind of like Oxy Clean, except for your mouth.  The container even has a little mirror inside the lid so you can see just wear those pesky spots are. 

Unfortunately, they haven't developed a product that can wipe away the shame of having Mr. Winky Time. 

Wine Wipes - US$6.95 for 20 wipes


Anonymous said…
When Mr. Winky come out to play everyone has a good time.

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