Wrap your wine bottle like a pro

Dating can be very hard.

Why, just the other day I was on a date and I was so happy as to the joyful occasion that I ordered a bottle of fine champagne, though it may have been sparkling apple cider, who can really know?

The waiter poured our champagne/sparkling apple cider and set it on the table wrapped like a swaddled baby. Conversation ensued and our glasses emptied. I poured my date some more champagne/sparkling apple cider and the towel our waiter had carefully wrapped around the bottle came undone. I tried in vain to re-wrap the bottle with the towel but to no avail. The disdain on my date's face became clear as day and she finally stood up in anger and frustration and left the table, never to be seen again.

Also, I said that I thought her mom was a lot hotter.

But have no fear! Lifehacker has the simple instructions for you to wrap your bottle in a towel like a pro. No more embarrassing moments!

How to wrap a bottle, restaurant style


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