Blogging is dead! Long live Blogging!

Okay, take a look at the Technorati top 200. Maybe take a look at the new alcohol blogs that are coming out that are popular. These blogs have STAFFS! They have 10 people looking for content and 2 doing layouts. The days of being the citizen blogger are over.

Enter micro-blogging! Twitter, Facebook, etc. They're all the new blog and I'm jumping ship.

This page will still be used for long-form stuff (like when I do reviews), but if you want the regular updates and quick info, then subscribe to the Twitter.

"But I don't want all those links sent to my PHONE!" you say. Subscribe as web only. Subscribe to the RSS of the web only. Use Twhirl!

You may think you're getting less, but you're getting more! That's right! More! More content, more snarky remarks, more links to cool stuff, less me pontificating on the value of pants.

You can still use this page to see the Twitters and I'll link back to it on occassion when something necessary comes up, but otherwise, catch you on the flip side.


Anonymous said…
Am I getting this've now become an editor rather than content provider? The tweets on your site are referrals to others, rather than your comments. So we're no longer getting RD's POV, we're getting your referrals to others' POV that you find interesting?

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