Peter's Planters Punch Mix

Where the hell was this last May?

Peter's Planters Punch is a delightful mix of all the things that you get to sip when you're hanging out at the island bar.  You know, the bar that you worked at right after your stint as a big-time flair bartender in New York but then your best friend betrayed you by sleeping with the girl you were dating and kept walking around spouting off "laws" that he made up but it's okay because you met a really cute, sweet girl who liked you a lot and when you get back to New York you find out that she's rich and having your baby.

Also, you have to add the rum, but it has everything else in it.

Right now, you can only get the stuff in South Florida, which just doesn't make sense to me.  The rest of us NEED this stuff for our mental sojourns to the islands.  These people have a responsibility to the rest of the world!

via BottleWatch


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