Tru Organic Gin

Modern Spirits came out with some pretty funky vodka flavors for a bit and have since backed off to straight, vanilla, and lemon. 

Their latest product is Tru Organic Gin.  The gin keeps alive their policy of making organic, sustainable spirits and has something else unique, an amber hue that gives the small-batch gin some identity.

Why the crazy color?  Well, most gins are re-distilled after jumiper berries are mashed up in the spirit, Tru keeps it real by just straining it and shipping it out.  Maybe their cheapskates and just wanted to skip a step. 

Tru also puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to sustainability.  Every bottle sold gets a tree planted somewhere in the world.  Each bottle also uses 25% less glass than other bottles.  Labels are printed on corn-fiber rather than paper from trees and they use recyclable corks as well.  There are even more cool things they're doing to satisfy hippies (and myself) when it comes to sustainability.  Read more on their site. 

Tru Organic Gin - US$34.99


Neyah White said…
I am sorry, but this stuff just ain't gin. Juniper infused vodka does not behave the same way in cocktails that gin does.

I rolled out 3 drinks when a sample bottle came my way, a martini, a french 75 and a last word. Nope, nope, nope. None were bad, (this is not a bad product, very clean in fact) but they were clearly not made with gin.
To clear up the crazy color and how best to use TRU2 gin, thought you'd like the inside scoop on why we made our first gin this way. (And it wasn't to save money ;-)) We wanted to create a big, balanced gin that you could drink -- even straight -- without wincing...or flashbacking to the first time you got drunk in high school.

The only production technique that allowed us to pull this off harked back to how this stuff was made in the 1500s by doctors all over Europe. It's direct-contact maceration without re-distillation. This is how we’re able to retain the fresh taste and delicate balance of our botanicals. (And that's how we can achieve the clean profile that Neyah’s referring to.)

Our unorthodox methods result in a full-flavor gin that lets you taste the complex botanicals in a more mellow, less sharply concentrated state. The amber color is the true color of the 14 whole ingredients that went into making the gin.

As a result, TRU2 gin doesn't behave exactly like distilled gins but opens up a host of new ways to prepare gin cocktails.

Melkon Khosrovian
Modern Spirits

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