Vodka from the last two states

So much vodka, tons of time, but one post on them both.  Let's start off with Alaska.

Just the other night, I woke my girlfriend from a sound sleep and practically screamed in her face, "ALASKA HAS NO VODKA TO CALL IT'S OWN!!  WHY WOULD SARAH PALIN ALLOW THIS?"

Now I (and my girlfriend) can sleep easy knowing that Permafrost vodka has stepped up to the task.  This vodka is made from Matanuska Valley-grown potatoes, known for their high Potassium, vitamin C and B6 content, and water from Alaska glaciers.

The company sources everything from Alaska and also operates as a green distillery.  It's made by a former bush pilot and already has the state all aflutter with it's first batch about to be released in 45 days. It will be selling wholesale for US$50.

Now for Hawaii
Hawaii is getting it's first truly Hawaiian vodka.  The forgettable Ocean Vodka has it's potatoes sourced from Idaho whereas the new Pau Maui vodka is made right in Hawaii.

The other night, I woke up my girlfriend with a start as I screamed "HOW CAN THEY HAVE POTATOES IN HAWAII?  WHY WOULD SARAH PALIN ALLOW THIS?"  Fear not, intrepid vodka drinker, Pau Maui vodka is made from pineapples.  That's right, the same pineapples that you get inside of your favorite vacation cocktails are now being turned in to a delicious vodka.  Though I've been assured that the flavor of the pineapple disappears in the distillation process, I'm a bit skeptical.  No word on pricing yet.

Pau Maui Vodka


Unknown said…
That was a great posting! I am in North Pole, Alaska and I am stoked to try out the local product.
Anonymous said…
It's been out a while now and they have managed to get the price lowered. Rumor has it that they got a better deal on the bottles. They also signed with a local distributor. It's even in Costco now at $39.99 a bottle!

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