Wine Spectator Mobile Launches

If you're one of the snobby members of Wine (like me) then you're going to love their new mobile site.

You get all the access to their content of 200,000 reviews, vintage charts, and your personal wine lists.  If you're looking to be the resident genius when you're out on the date and trying to figure out if you should order that bottle of Smoking Loon or Cain V, then this is the site for you.

You will need to be a member, which costs $49.95 a year for online access only, but if you're looking to expand what you know about wine, this one's a good start.

Wine Spectator Mobile 


Anonymous said…
Please tell me it was a complimentary subscription, or else I will lose all respect for you.
Unknown said…
hahahah! Like you had respect for me.....

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