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Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to speak Tequila

Tequila Herradura sent me this e-mail and I thought I'd share it. I used to think that "speaking tequila" meant "Oh my God, I can't do another one. No really, I get really messed up on tequila, it makes me do crazy things. I can't. Well, ok, one more."

I edited out some of the marketing speak:

1. Speak to its origins

2. Choose wisely
If you think all tequilas are the same , you’re wrong. When ordering tequila at a bar, keep the following in mind:

-          Stick to 100 percent blue agave tequila . Mexican law only requires that at least 51 percent of the sugars in tequila come from agave; so, many brands will complete their batch with other starches, diluting the authentic flavor of the drink.
-          Silver or Añejo? Depending on how long the tequila rests in wood barrels, it will develop a flavor and aroma profile that will evoke a unique sensorial experience. Ideal for margaritas and other cocktails, Silver (aged for 45 days) .  On the other hand, Añejo is aged for 25 months

3. Sip it, don’t shoot it!
You know you can’t impress anyone by taking a quick shot of tequila, right? Unless you’re drinking a margarita on the rocks or another cocktail, order it neat in a snifter glass to best enjoy its complexity.
-          Before tasting, hold the glass up to a light. Swirl slowly and notice its legs - more rested tequilas show more body.
-          Take three small sniffs from the center of the glass to get a sneak preview of the taste – you’ll notice a different bouquet with each expression.
-          Take a small sip of the tequila to get used to the alcohol taste. Then take a second sip and keep it in your mouth while exhaling through your nose to distinguish its aroma. Keep the third sip in your mouth for a few seconds to notice the flavor and texture of the spirit. Is it fruity? Spicy? Smooth? Close your eyes and try to pick out the different taste notes.
-          Assess the flavor of the tequila that stays in your mouth and describe your experience to those around you.