Review: Obsello Absinthe

If you're drinking absinthe at this point, there are a limited number of reasons for it.  Some people just want to try it because of the mystique or because it's a new drink, other's have a love of black jelly beans, and the rests are the purists.  The one's who want a real absinthe and create something new with it. 

Obsello Absinthe is for those purists that want a great, traditional Absinthe.

The Story
Obsello is the real thing, not a chemical creation that is taking advantage of the trend.  It's a Spanish absinthe that actually is distilled from grapes, the original stuff they made absinthe from all those years ago.  They also distill their own herbs and use Alicante Anise, only the best for you.  Just like a winemaker pours his heart and soul and best ingredients in to his fine wine, the folks at Obsello are bringing that same passion to absinthe.  Natural ingredients, well thought-out flavors, and Grand Wormwood.  Cuz, it's absinthe.

Talk About The Stuff Already
Of course, it tastes like licorice.  But there's a lot more to it.  This doesn't look like the bright green slime that Nickelodeon dumps on people.  It's got a nice, natural look and no ridiculous neon colors.  The smell gives you the anise feel but there's also some vanilla tones in there.  At this point, I very much looked forward to it. 

The Louche effect was pretty cool because it was so uneven.  There were swirls and shades and things that made it look like something was really happening.  A lot of other absinthes just tend to change to one color and move on. 

The taste left no bitterness but it wasn't skimping on the anise flavor either, which must be very hard to do when you're making absinthe.  The attention to detail from start to finish is pretty impressive.  Obsello feels a bit thick in your mouth and goes down smooth without any artificial taste.  There's a tiny bit of bitter finish which is a nice way to remind you that you're drinking absinthe. 

The nice thing about Obsello is that it's so premium.  It's a top-notch absinthe that doesn't skimp on a single thing.  Even the cork is perfect for preventing oxidation.  However, it sells for an easy US$59.95, which is squarely in the mid-market pricing, but it'll beat out anything that you put in front of it that costs a lot more. 

If you're in to absinthe or you want to get someone in to absinthe, this is the right stuff for you.  Easy to drink, fun to play with, and what every absinthe is supposed to be.

Obsello Absinthe - US$59.95


Would you mix it in a cocktail or drink it straight?

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Unknown said…
I made it in a Corpse Reviver #2 and it tasted excellent.

Most mixed drinks are less reliant on the higher quality alcohols, especially as you add more and more items in to the mix.

This stuff is gorgeous right out of the bottle. You, a slotted spoon, a sugar cube, and some cold water are in for a perfect night.
Robin said…
There's been a lot of different things I've heard about Absinthe lately and I'm glad you did this post:)

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