Slava Vodka - High-end vodka, on the cheap!

Edit to the edit:  The owner has e-mailed me a lot and apologized for being...well, the way he was.  Let's see how it goes when this stuff hits the U.S.

Edits: Slava Vodka, under penalty of legal action, asked me to make some corrections and remove their image. A nice e-mail letting me know where I was wrong would have been better but I guess they feel that pulling the lawyer card instantly will garner goodwill.

If you're Canadian, you know just how important it is for an alcohol to be cheap AND good! It's the only country I've been to where many companies just advertise how much product you get without saying a thing about taste. Oh! Canada! Edit: Slava Vodka says you can't advertise quantity in Canada.

Slava is a new vodka that is only available in Canada and is distilled 4 times and then filtered 12 times. 12 times! What are they making this stuff from that it needs to be filtered 12 times? Are we looking at the worlds first vodka made from steel refinery by-product? Edit: Slava vodka says that Smirnoff is filtered 10 times and that it's normal to filter this much. However, I say that there are also many that are filtered less and they taste pretty good.

They also claim that it tastes every bit as good as the super-premium vodkas that cost more than US$40 but costs less than US$30 (Edit: Slava vodka says that it will cost around US$17) . They say that those other vodkas cost so much because the bottle is expensive and Slava doesn't try to make their bottle look like an AK-47, so it can be cheaper. But let's be honest, it's not the bottle that's raising the price, it's the marketing budget.

Slava then goes on to tell you how unique their bottle is and how important it is that their bottle is freezer friendly because of its triangular shape, you know, so it won't roll around in your freezer.

If you're going to get a cheap vodka, then use Tito's, IKON, or UV Vodka and get the great taste for under $20. Otherwise, impress your friends with the bottle that has jewels in it and pay the piper. Edit: I guess "The Piper" only charges an extra dollar since my pricing was wrong. Oh Hyperbole, what will you think of next?

They also saved a ton of money on building their website in Microsoft Word and passed those savings on to you! Edit: I looked at the HTML Source. This part is still true.

Slava Vodka - ~US$30 Edit: US$17 dummy! And it's not available in the US yet anyway. Only Canada.


Anonymous said…
Here's a link to the photo of the bottle on their site.

Produced in the Ukraine, but (according to their web site)"Slava is available in Canada only".

Isn't that odd?
Anonymous said…
What pricks
Anonymous said…
This is so horrendous I don't know where to start, but I am thinking of emailing the NY Times and telling them to make a few changes to some editorial copy I'm not happy with.

Bottom line. It's YOUR blog. You get to say whatever you want. This is America, not Ukraine...and last I heard, free speech is protected by the Constitution.

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