Agavero Tequila Gets You Sex

Talk to any girl about tequila and 9 times out of 10 you'll hear "I can't do that stuff.  I do crazy things on that stuff."  Talk to a guy about tequila and 9 times out of 10 you'll hear, "Yeah, I like doing tequila with girls, they go nuts on it."

As if tequila wasn't already the cause of thousands of surprise pregnancies, Agavero Tequila is taking it to the next level and introducing a tequila that really pumps up the passion.  They make the tequila as one normally makes tequila then hand-blend the Damiana flower in to the stuff. The Damiana flower is well known (at least in PR circles that write press releases) to be one that induces passion and love in a person. 

Got someone who won't touch tequila?  Well Agavero is glad to help you get them horny as hell by providing a recipe for the Agavero Mango Chutney,  a nice topping to their brown butter seared scallops.  Oh, you're so smooth. 

Agavero Tequila - US$30


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