Leblon's Muddler and Kit Helps Launch Carnaval

You like free, don'tcha?  When free's not there, cheap will do, but you're always looking out for the free.

Leblon Cachaça is dishing out free muddlers for all who will have them (and also be willing to pay a couple of bucks for shipping).  You can't make a Caipirinha without a muddler and they want to make sure you have one.

Maybe you already have a muddler.  I'm not sayin' you do, but maybe you do.  Do you have a Carnaval Kit?  I did not think so.  Now be quiet.

This kit comes with:
20 Sparkling Green Masks
20 Bon fims
20 Carnaval Beads
20 Caipirinha Glowsticks
Leblon Napkins
Leblon Stirrers
Leblon Recipes
Leblon Muddler
Leblon Carnaval Music

Get this kit and an STD and it'll be just like you're in Rio! It's only US$36 delivered and let's face it, you've done worse things with your money.

Free Muddler That Costs 2 Dollars
Leblon Carnaval Kit - US$36 (Delivered) 


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