Love Potion #9

This new sugar cane alcohol distilled product actually comes from South America, not Madame Rue.  OMG!  SONG REFERENCE!

The blend of 20 fruity fruits from the Tropical Zonal Region Place of the world includes stuff like mango, peach, chocolate, and vanilla and is set to launch this May.  The Talking Heads from their company say that it is very mixable and that it "tastes different every time."  It has also won the 2009 World Spirits Competition Platinum Meda, so, you know, they have that going for them.  

When I get samples to pour down my gullet I'll let you guys know how it is.  Will it be tasty or will I have to call a Witch Doctor?  OMFG!  OBSCURE-BUT-RELATED SONG REFERENCE!!!

Love Potion #9 - No Announced Price


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