DQ Vodka

And the vodka hits just keep on rolling.

DQ Vodka's gimmick is that it's the "Nuclear Vodka" as the shape of the bottle resembles plutonium rods.  The unique bottle also has some functional purpose, as it is poured, the vodka is drawn through a central shaft, enabling oxygen to get into the liquid and allowing it to breathe.

The wheat vodka uses water from a highly-protected, glacial source and is then distilled through multiple columns.  The interesting thing about DQ is that they start out with a fermented product that is already 9% alcohol.  Though I have no idea how this would change the flavor if you're going to end up distilling it to 90% alcohol anyway, I'm open to the concept.  I'm very open-minded when it comes to booze. 

Before the whole thing is finished they add a bit of a "richer" product to the final batch, though there's no info on what that richer product is.

Anti-nuclear protests have stopped this vodka from entering the U.S. market (no, not really) so it's only available in the UK right now. 

DQ Vodka